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Thursday, September 04, 2008

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halo!! im back, lazy bum is back... muchahahaha!!

lazy bum today here will update blog is too suprising, well sopooring SL BLOG get spam... O.o didnt help her spam back! coz im too slow le!! im so far in the long long story behind, so cant be bother XD

lazy bum too lazy to studies and yet today i gt my mock test score 45 marks, still dun understand how to do it!! well friday, saturday and sunday i going to die becoz of my maths... i need to know the rule.. well i still consider whether i still wanna to go malaysia anot... coz i short $$ coz today i just went to BBDC to book my BTT, i learn car licence by using my own money i dun wan to keep on relay on my dad!! as now he not working so i have to use my everyday allowance to save up e money!!

i will still considering... but since is a holiday why not going out and have a nice holiday.. well due to e money problem i now have to rethink abt it again!! if god of fortune put some $$ into my pocket, i will be very happy!! but impossible, so dun daysdreaming again XD stupid lazy bum..

MON will be our exam, tml will be going out with lingx, kenny and some of e classmate!! let's study together, dun play around anymore huh!! XD

and also wish me, tat i can pass my BTT, they look down on me, and very sure tat i cant pass my BTT, i wan to pass!! well this is the 2nd time i took my BTT, GOD BLESS ME!!

[E]llona [ω]аѕ [ħ]єяэ [а]ŧ - Thursday, September 04, 2008


Im a person who like to make funny thing,
joke, play and enjoy around like nobody care,
there is alot of thing i would like to try,
but there are something that corrupted my plan!! ='(
whatever it is!! i will look forward in my future!
and i will be continue to on walk,
until the day that my life have to end,
then it is my time to go!!


Name: EllOna
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