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Monday, April 14, 2008

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yo back to my blog!!

ytd morning i went to bishan to pray my lion dance de zhu shi!! after tat, i took shi fu bike back home!! slp for awhile!! then quicky go and bath and make a change!! then head to mrt station take train, i was late abt 2 to 3 min!! aa, i saw goto sensei there alone!! wennie and kenneth not there yet! after tat we waiting for them to fetch us to lao pa sah to our dinner!! while we are eatting we also waiting for lisa san to reach toO! hmm... from 6.30pm start to eat until 9.45pm.. is it long! hahas we have chat alot... hahahas quite fun, first time sensei taste and smell e durian chandol... her face totall change whahahs... hahaha she say taste not nice!! then we told paste and meat are diff... next time brought her to eat e meat durian... then after tat she went to order teh ta leg... hahas very nicese.. i like to drink tat!! then we keep chatting and chatting.. then went to took some pic with them!! i will post out!!

well today, i also have 3 hr slp!! so tired.. omgoss.. i study at 9am, reach sch abt 15 min late... took cab down, i cant belive tat e que was so long, so i took cab down to sch cost me 6 plus!! -.-ll so exp hahas!! wan save $$ yet i any how, i think my wallet shld have money betta... well then have our class today onli listen to teacher talk talk talk!! after tat go to tm transfer money as e sch ATM no recepit... i was keeping thinking tat ling told me e clothes iS $16 last friday!! then today i realise i make a mistake is $16.50, stupid me!! i think i have very bad hearing maybe due to tat wen i was 10 year old time tat time.. then my hearing now very good.. then i transfer e money... cox we saw e on9 clothes is nice!! lolx.. then today didnt go back home!! as i go straight to IKOMA sensei was there too!! well i was study over there!! i was intend to slp... but alot of ppl and somemore they talk too loud le!! so i not intend to slp!! well abt 6 pm sensei and me eat our dinner together.. i was like dun wan to eat!! then she wan to go.. okies lor i just go with her!! at e shaw hse hawer center eatting fried rice and she eat fried noodle... she say her is nice.. my was oishikunai desu... not nice!! after tat i was back to class.. in e half way of e lesson... suddenly my stomach was upset since in e afternoon in sch!! back again while having jap class.. i was like wan to vomit... i think becoz im full or e fried rice make me wana vomit!! after tat go home lo lor~~

upload some pic...

[E]llona [ω]аѕ [ħ]єяэ [а]ŧ - Monday, April 14, 2008


Im a person who like to make funny thing,
joke, play and enjoy around like nobody care,
there is alot of thing i would like to try,
but there are something that corrupted my plan!! ='(
whatever it is!! i will look forward in my future!
and i will be continue to on walk,
until the day that my life have to end,
then it is my time to go!!


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