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Sunday, February 17, 2008

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halo, back from my chi new year holiday, well, quite a long time didnt update my blog le mahx!! kindly busy not enough time to use computer!! here to update some detail which i still rmb it bahx!!

hmm on e new yr eve went out to my grandma hse, having e dinner with my whole family!! after tat wait for lingx to call me, coz we meet up at woodland, we are going to catch a movie while i was acc char, to her grandmother hse, from her mother side!! then i took bus to interchange!! head to PS, we went 2 PS to look for chun tian they all!! wacthing E CJ7 very nice show, after tat head to Cini, we take cab home, due to next day need to celebrate new year so didnt ton outside!! wow EXP lehx lolx.. next time i rather stay until got train, then go home whahahs!!

on e first day of CNY collect lot of ang bao, then stay at my grandma hse for e very long time, ard 10 plus we wan to go home, but in e end another relative came in last min!! so we stay longer abit lor!!

on e second day of CNY, didnt go anyway lehx, didnt went to my mum side, due to e reson they went oversea!! they went to china!! then nth to do slack at home!!

on e third & forth day!! lion dance for e whole day!! special was on e forth day!! i came to my hse for lion dance performance, my relative said very good!! hahahas they so surprise hahahas, li hai bahx, too bad was i cant having dinner with them, coz my lion dance very very very late, as i reach home everyone have go home!!

fifth day was e sch reopening hahahahs!! still in the holiday mood!! just as normal...

on thurday, i having dinner with my mum relative side at resturstant, as some of e relative when i was young i didnt see them be4, tat was our first meet, OMG their son so handsome and rich sia!! too bad we are cousin lehx, hmm one of their son going marry soon!!! hahaha i think if they invite us, we need to fly to aust. for their wedding sia!! hehehe his younger son in SG, but no chance to met him, he study Univ, omg all are high education, OMG OMG lolx..
after tat went home...

Ytd, saturday, was my grandma birthday, our whole family celebrate with her, say whole family, actually not! some was not in our so call family bahx, due to some problem in our family, as they fall out!! NVM is okies for us everyone is present, while i think my grandma is the most happy, coz we celebrate birthday with her hahahas, after our dinner it abt 9.45pm, went to North Point to catch some movie, with our cousin, YO ROCK COUSIN back again, if i not wrong, char and sarah, soon are going to leave us in SG soon, they are moving to AUST, to have the study, MISS them lot, abit kindly sad!!! short of 2 cousin to play with +.+
anyway i have took so pic with them during my grandma birthday!!

picture time!!

[E]llona [ω]аѕ [ħ]єяэ [а]ŧ - Sunday, February 17, 2008


Im a person who like to make funny thing,
joke, play and enjoy around like nobody care,
there is alot of thing i would like to try,
but there are something that corrupted my plan!! ='(
whatever it is!! i will look forward in my future!
and i will be continue to on walk,
until the day that my life have to end,
then it is my time to go!!


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