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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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Posting again!!
wow!! how long didnt been update hahas nvm start from the day of friday bahx.. tat time i was at home using com! then i wen back to my room i saw miss call in my hp call from shi mu!! she told me tat shi jie giv birth a baby son name Cavier Lim Jia Jun!! EEee the baby so cute and beautiful omg!! haha nvm lor!! abt 3 plus shi fu they all go back yishun first i stay to acc shi jie until 6. 10pm then i lefe e hospital!! hahas went back to yishun!! our troupe have dinner at chong pang cc then having dinner with them!! quite enjoying on tat night, be4 go home they have open a glass of tiger beer they cant finish.. it abt one bottle of beer then i drink it all but tat time jun guo got help me abit but he cant make it so!! i drink finish it and after tat go back to my own sweet home!!
on e saturday!!
hmM.. meeting JY laopo yeaH!! hahas i overslp.. but lucky tat i gt pick up her call if not i think im the one hu late for e meeting!! so we went to have our lunch actually JY laopo dun wan eat!! becox i wan to eat tat y she acc me to eat lunch together thx laopo!! after tat we head to take bus , as we dunno where to take shuttle bus!! so we reach there liao!! look at e baby hehe so cute JY laopo say baby look like mummy!! hahas after tat i acc jy took bus to novana omg!! we having our chit chat until to alight at the bus stop tat we wan to alight so no choice alight at e another bus stop have to walk very long!! haha nvm lahx.. at least we enjoy the talk hehe!! then i reach home use com for awhile!! then go down to shi guan training lor!! ehehe.. then went to eat dinner at 900 plus !! after tat go home together with "ba ba"
On sunday!!
wow!! it our troupe charlet time hehe so happy with it!! morning very early wake up then use com!! after tat pack my bag and ready to go to shi guan to meet up with them!! Wee!! ahead toward there!! lolx the charlet at Bukit Batok hahas!! nvm just enjoy ourself over there!! but didnt expected tat during in the nite!! smth on happen!! use my voice and shut then behave izzit!! wow very angry tat time!! but thx to tut new shi mei!! to cool me down!! thx lot!! then i cool down first lor!! after tat we to drink tiger beer!! tonning until the next morning!!
On monday
wow!! faster bath!! then bath hao liao do watever thing tat i shld be doing after tat!! reach home abt 3 plus!! i qiuckly pack my bag again!! then head to shi guan!! after tat went to blk 255 got chu shi so after our lion dance we go back charlet again hehe!! i abt 2.40am then went to slp abt 5am ah bee call me wake up!! IM SO TIRED LEHX!! si ah bee!! then walk ard until the time reaching lor!! hahahs then meet up my laopO (liing) lolx..haha we go sch together then!! slack ard sch !! after tat went back home! start using my com again hehe!!
friend take care will update soon!!

[E]llona [ω]аѕ [ħ]єяэ [а]ŧ - Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Im a person who like to make funny thing,
joke, play and enjoy around like nobody care,
there is alot of thing i would like to try,
but there are something that corrupted my plan!! ='(
whatever it is!! i will look forward in my future!
and i will be continue to on walk,
until the day that my life have to end,
then it is my time to go!!


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