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Sunday, March 18, 2007

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wee~ so long didnt update liao....
hahas.. slack at home nth to do bahx... so didnt update life just to have up and down...

on friday [[16/03/]]
going out woR~ meet 3 up end everything change hai~we went to bugis coz ll ingx wan to but mp3 hahas... she buy mp3 need so mani ppl pei her wor~ hmm chun tian, shi hao, me and her dar dar oso... hahas she so xin fu huh~ lolx...after tat went to town area... hahas at celni... we went to buy ticket woR has... then went to eat after eatting wen to kpool coz still have 2 hrs to slack hahas.. hmm after pool went to watch our movie hahas this show huh very nice... hahas shi hao look very scare hahas i oso dunno y he look like very very scare hahas...
hmM then went back to ll ingx hse le coz i stay over at her place....

on e sat [[17/03/2007]]
hahas wake up liao nth to do... just slack ard... whahas... then play ard lor... like a mad dog... hmm she huh... very good lor hahas.. tat i can say onli whahas then time to go le... look very sad lehx... she like so lonely at home whahas... got me diff liao hahas.. i can make her laugh and cry oso whahas.. know y i make her laugh until she cannot tahan then cry lor whahas... then abt going 7pm i left le she send to mrt station thank anyway... hmM then went to lion dance le... i tio ps by friend... tot can train togather until she go out with friend.. end up i have to teach new member how to play lion head... i no voice le lehx... hahas eat to much porn corn le.... after tat have a break... then chat on phone... after tat my feeling abit dot dot dot le hahas..
then nvm lor,, hehe just went out togather with my friend to have our dinner very hungry hahas...
then they sent me home hahas so good.... hahas... can chat alot hahas...then reach home... bath hao le jiu use com...

on e sun [[18/03/2007]]
hahas over 12 am le so tempory write it here lor... hahas... i helping friend doing it blog.. i 4get i have e lion dance ltr on abt 4 to 5 hrs then... i scare i have no time to do e blog... so ton abit bahx... help him do lor... coz i promise de mahx cannot break promise de...hahas i think shld be done le... but i still think like smth amiss hahas... see how it say lor.. then change again.. hahas now i dun dare to slp... hahas i scare i oversplet lor... wow still got abt 4 to 5 hrs... wat to do lehx... hahas play game lolx... i think play with ghost lor.. hahas more of e ppl offline liao lor... hahas...

* zhu tou mei => hahas suprise hahas... just to tell u... dun feel so lonely u still have me... dun shack becoz of this hao mahx... hmm if u feel shack then i have to think alot of 100++ way to make u laugh... hahas see this sis very hard to find rite... hahas love urself tat enough... feel lonely can find me de.. as u know i so free just make 1 call then u can chat with me... i try to my phone with me in 24 hrs so tat u can find me easy hahas u call now i pick up immedat.... hahas

to be continue....

[E]llona [ω]аѕ [ħ]єяэ [а]ŧ - Sunday, March 18, 2007


Im a person who like to make funny thing,
joke, play and enjoy around like nobody care,
there is alot of thing i would like to try,
but there are something that corrupted my plan!! ='(
whatever it is!! i will look forward in my future!
and i will be continue to on walk,
until the day that my life have to end,
then it is my time to go!!


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